International traders must deal with a perpetually-changing environment in which global, regional and national enterprise is faced with a dual challenge: fostering economic success in a world with rapidly expanding commercial horizons while at the same time dealing with constantly changing regulatory requirements and trade barriers at national borders.

For companies and service providers engaged in businesses active in international trade, keeping up with, indeed ahead of this change has become one of the key factors in success: the efficient flow of goods across borders is crucial to their competitiveness.  In recognition of this, the need for a new class of manager, the trained customs and trade professional, has become ever more essential for these companies and their client stakeholders. 

Technical knowledge, up-to-date familiarity with regulatory requirements, and strategic management skills are now essential tools for the customs and trade compliance professional--whether with responsibility for one country, a region, or a company’s global operation.  

Recognizing this, the World Customs Organization has designated 2011 the Year of Customs Knowledge, placing the spotlight on the training and specialized knowledge that are so crucial in the modern world of trade.

Around the globe, the Trusted Trade Institute is dedicated to bringing its global network and extensive expertise to meeting these emerging needs:  it is our mission to enable customs and trade compliance professionals to obtain the right training, when and where they need it.